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Oh noes! Computer hard drive failure!

My still relatively new external hard drive has decided to kick the bucket...sort of.

The pretty blue light on the drive that my dad says reminds him of the Cylons from the original Battlestar Galactica turns on, it beeps a few times, the light flashes and then stops. Hmm, that doesn't sound promising.

I've tried it on other USB ports, I've disconnected it and then reconnected it, and I tried it with my Eee but no go. I'm gonna take it to the computer doctor tomorrow. ::sigh:: it looks like my birthday money is going towards recovering my clips. Is that insane? Now I could justify it if I had irreplacable items on the drive but it's just Forever Knight clips and nothing of sentimental value. All the Janette clips I could possibly ever need for vidding are on it. All of the season 1 Nick/Nat scenes plus the five season 2 episodes I clipped Tuesday morning. And I have all the LaCroix and Divia scenes from my Burn vid. If the failure had occurred while I was working on it I think I would have had a good cry. I really dodged a bullet there by rushing its completion. I also have all the multifandom clips for the vid I was working on for halfamoon  that I didn't get to finish in time.

It's almost as if the universe is against my doing a Nick/Nat vid, lol. I've been thinking of a Dark Trinity vid. Perhaps I should give more thought to that one. I guess I'll decide tomorrow when I find out the damage. I really should look in to see if my warranty is still good.

I'm bummed about the hard drive so I consoled myself by playing around with an idea I had for an LJ header. I'm getting rather bored with my current theme so I've been looking around for a new one. Something a little more fannish or pretty and bright. I like what I came up with. It's simple but effective but I think I'll keep looking for something made by someone who knows what they're doing. So I parked the banner over at my fansite on geocities. The only thing that really gets updated is my fanfic page but hey at least that's something. Overall I prefer LJ for my fic because I have a permanent account and one of these days geocities could go the way of the Internet's other free sites. However, I did start doing a design overhall towards the end of last year because I hated that it screamed geocities. It's pretty light on content but I do get to practice my photoshop skills.

I signed up to make cupcakes for our Relay For Life fundraiser next week at work. The office is making chili and cheese dogs and we're selling sweets on the side. I had the brilliant idea to make cupcakes. I'm not much of a baker but I want cupcakes. Pretty cupcakes. Not blah looking cupcakes that everyone and their mother makes. Ambitious? Probably. Trial run this weekend. I wonder how much food coloring it would take to get hot pink icing?

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