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The Border in U.S. & Smallville season 9!

The Border , which costars Catherine Disher and features Nigel Bennett as a recurring character, is coming to the U.S.

ION, a satellite and cable channel, has acquired the rights to air the series later in season 9. They were on my "no fun" list because they yanked Quantum Leap reruns just months after I found them there and this goes far at winning me back.

If you have DirectTV or Comcast then you should have ION.

This is fantastic news. Yes I have some very shiny DVDs in my possession but this is awesome for those who wanted to wanted and had to either wait or resort to other needs. ::cough:: like I sometime do.

Press Release is here. I was slightly annoyed that they mentioned Catherine Disher in relation to X-Men and not Forever Knight. hmph


In other news, Smallville just got a season 9 pick up. Season 9! There's no mention of Tom Welling signing and while one would assume that there would be no Smallville without Clark you never know with the CW monkeys. The man deserves a producer title. There are no ifs or buts about it. And lastly, if Erica Durance does not receive a full season increase in episodes there will be hell to pay. She's been a 13 episodes per season gal since she started back in season 4. In what is sure to be the final season they simply cannot have Lois Lane and do her character justice with only half the amount of episodes.

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