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Forever Knight drabble recs

I've never really understood the appeal of the drabble. I've read several that I enjoyed but it's not something I pursue. Maybe it's because I have this little problem with brevity. Anyhoo, these are three Forever Knight drabbles that I recently come across and they are absolutely delightful.

Another Morgue, Another Town by donutsweeper  (Forever Knight/Torchwood)

This crossover would never have occurred to me but works brilliantly. There are some great Nick and Nat lines and the possibilities of Nick and Jack crossing paths are endless. Originally written for tw100

To Permanence by donutsweeper  (Janette)

If haven't checked out halfamoon  you're missing out. Gems like this fic keep popping up. This story captures Janette beautifully in so few words. And any insight into her management of the Raven is tops in my book. Originally written for halfamoon  and tv_100 

By Rights by fickitten  (Janette/Natalie)

I've noticed that I have thing for Janette/Natalie. It's an itch that needs to be scratch and this drabble creates a nice scenario for it and suggests why there wasn't much Janette and Natalie interaction. By her own words, Janette is a glutton. Originally written for femslash100 

I owe people responses. Both on LJ and email. I'm getting to them. Promise. :)

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