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Picspam: GWD in American Psycho 2 (2002)--part 2 of 2

Part One

There were some really nice comments about Ger on the DVD commentary but before we get to that...where were we? Oh yeah, Ger thinks he's got the movie's plot all figured out. Did psycho girl Jackie (I can't remember her character's name so I'm going with her That 70's Show name) really kill herself over William Shatner?

But first a dinner date with his mom and her flowery hat. When the obviously not dead
psycho girl Jackie walks up to their table his mom asks Ger if she's a new girlfriend.
Um, hello she's like 18 and he's not. He's old enough to be her dad. Yeah mom's crazy.

He's a cutie...moving on

Corner psycho girl because he's very confused and make wild accusations

Looked perplexed when she spouts out nonsense.

Looky a police station.

And cops...small town cops but cops nonetheless.

Sorry Ger, you're a civilian so you gotta stay in the car

Stand back fellas. Let a professional handle this.

This is his "I just lost one of my best friends in a firey blaze" look.

Professor!Nick anyone?

OK, not quite but it is a speech and book signing at Quantico. Now he can
cross paths with season 9 Scully. She was back in Quantico then.


He's just seen a ghost. Oh noes! Psycho girl resurfaces!

So much for closure. You're book is a total lie Ger!

Fun tidbit: The woman on the street that Nick fantasizes killing in "The FIx" played William Shatner's prim and proper TA, Elizabeth McGuire

Actress Mila Kunis and the director Morgan J. Freeman had tons of great things to say about Ger in the DVD commentary.

In his opening scene that featured the psychiatric consultation with psycho chick they said this:

MILA: "Oh he was, Geraint, so awesome. He plays the psychiatrist. He's so talented and so good."
MORGAN: "He was very, very, very easy to work with and kinda gives you whatever you want and just goes with the flow."
MILA: "Great guy."
MORGAN: "Very, very easy to direct and makes the whole atmosphere a fun place to be, so all those long scenes--"
MILA: "These scenes were like the best scenes, wouldn't you say, to shoot?"
MORGAN: "Yeah, they were like seven, eight pages and we'd burn through them in a day and it just kinda fell together. Very nice."

In the scene just after in which Ger is talking to Shatner on the phone this was said:

MORGAN: "Although these guys are best friends and the talk a lot, they never had a scene together in the entire movie. So they never worked together on the same day and the only time they actually--"
MILA: "They never even met. I don't think they met, did they?"
MORGAN: "Yeah, they met. The worked together on some show a long time ago."

During psycho girl's second visit to the psychiatrist's office Mila starts off by saying:

MILA: "Oh Geraint was so awesome to work with."

And then adds:

MILA: "I like this stuff. I liked scenes in the psychiatrist's office 'cause they're with Geraint and he's so cool to be with. I think we shot all these scenes within like two days, three days wouldn't you say? All the psychiatrist scenes we shot within like, I don't know, 48 hours."

And in the same scene in which psycho girl belittles Ger by commenting on how everyone in his moves on to bigger and better things while he remains a small town shrink.

MILA: "[She] psychologically abuses her people."
MORGAN: "Her shrink."
MILA: "My shrink, her shrink...poor Geraint." 



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