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Picspam: GWD in American Psycho 2 (2002)--part 1

Geraint Wyn Davies picspam time and it's a doozy! Today we're looking at 2002's American Psycho 2 in which Jackie from That 70's Show decides that no one is going to stop her from entering the FBI training academy at Quantico. No body

And how exactly does she plan to do that--by becoming William Shatner's teaching assistant, that's how. And what is the American Psycho connection? Yeah well there isn't really one in my opinion because it's so superficial and tacked on. Back when she was around 10 Jackie's babysitter took her along on a date with Psycho's Bateman. By the time he went all "time to cut off your head and stick in the freezer" little Jackie had broken free from her restraints and killed Patrick Bateman. Yep. And as if that wasn't contrived enough William Shatner, who was a big bad FBI profiler, was also working on the Bateman murders, and coincidences of coincidences also happened to have engaged in an affair with the twentysomething babysitter. Her death devastatated him and Bateman's unsolved murder drove him to leave the FBI.  Little Jackie grows up and decides that her mission in life is to stop serial murders like Patrick Bateman and who better to study under than the now college professor William Shatner. And the TA thing? Apparently, being his teaching assistant gives the person the inside track into acceptance at Quantico. And if Jackie has to kill her competition in the process then so be it.

So where does Geraint come into the picture? For some unknown reason Jackie decides to visit a psychiatrist i.e. Geraint. When she starts rambling like an obsessed and delusional fangirl he decides to warn his best buddy William Shatner but without giving him a name. Yeah because that would totally infringe on doctor/patient confidentiality. So in between Shatner's liason with a student young enough be his own daughter, Jackie killing everyone who comes in her way, and her subtle brainfuck on Geraint because he still lives with his mother...yeah, I enjoyed it. The movie is played up to be intentionally campy and Gertaint is looking extremely well. I really dig the facial hair. It was silly fun.

The last time I posted a Forever Knight actor picspam was back in June. It featured LaCroix Nigel Bennett as a ballet choreographer in 1989's The Jeweller's Shop so it was about darn time.

This is his "You're completely psycho face" He wears that one a lot in this movie.

Time to shuffle the crazy girl out the door.

Decisions, decisions. Break doctor/patient confidentiality or shrug off the obsessive fangirl.

Good choice, make the call.


And do a bad job of covering it up

He just looks very pretty here...moving on.

You're divorced, no kids, and you live with your mother? You're a sad, sad man says Jackie.
This is his "Yeah I have a sad life" face.

Hee! Mortal Nick Knight anyone? I can see it.

I have a mug very similar to that one, only it's a dark green with mud brown. Very pretty.

More mortal Nick

More mortal Nick. He may not like paperwork but no Schanke or Tracy to do it.

Plotty twist and turns and Geraint thinks he's got it all figured out. He's feeling awfully smug.

Part 2 will be up hopefully by this weekend.

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