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Overly deceptive icon because right now I'm not feeling that enthusiastic. I'm experiencing the motherload of PMS and am without the medicinal means to remedy it. 

This weekend started off in the crapper. On Friday I got called away in the afternoon from my desk at work to cover the main office. Answer phones, take messages, greet visitors--general perky receptionist spiel. Thankfully it was quiet but it was also very boring. I didn't have time to bring any work down with me so I pretty much did nothing productive.

When I got back to my office to collect my stuff and clock out I found out that everybody had left for the weekend and locked the door. My bag along with my phone, wallet, and Tylenol were inside. My flashdrive with all my fics are also in the bag so no working on them this weekend.

I feel very naked without my bag and even though I want the weekend over this week is going to be major at work. Big festivities going on at the end of the week.

Normally I'm a very happy and upbeat person but I've already sort of snapped at two people so I've given a general warning to everybody to simply avoid exchanging words with me. Whether or not they follow it remains to be seen.

My thoughts on Smallville's latest 'Fierece' will have to wait till the crabbiness ends. My first initial thoughts were meh especially after the awesomeness of 'Bizarro' and 'Kara' but some interesting character dynamics were established.

Thoughts on 'Moonlight' and the return of 'Blood Ties' are also on hold because I did have positive feelings for their latest installments and don't want them to unintentionally come out negative.

Thoughts on the tv offerings of the week might actually be up soon. 

I recieved 'The Vindicator' in the mail and it was the most delightful piece of cheese ever. Maybe I'll go watch it again to lift my spirits. It was one of the earliest Catherine Disher screen appearances and she is the highlight of the entire movie. Her kick ass hippy sidekick role was a laugh riot. She's practically a baby she's so young and her hair and wardrobe were totally awesome. Very 80s but very pretty. Screen grabs are a must. I sense a sunglass themed picspam in the future using CD in 'The Vindicator', Geraint Wyn Davies in 'Consipracy of Fear' and Nigel Bennett in 'Robocop: The Series".

Hopefully reading some fic will help calm me emotionally so that I can function like a normal human being. Or I can just do some screengrabbing for the FK fashion review. It's been woefully neglected.
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