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I had a Byers morning today. At the office we had committed ourselves to a local high school career fair. A co-worker and I were supposed to attend but at the last the co-worker had a family thing that couldn't wait so I went alone.  It was kinda sad. There wasn't much of a showing in my section so lots of empty tables and unfortunately budget constraints kept us from having a lot of freebies on hand. The other tables had tons of swag. I had some serious swag envy.

I didn't have buttons like Byers but I did have personalized post-its.  And of course I also had my sparkling personality. ;-) I, however, wasn't as cheerful as Byers. I gave my usual spiel and modified it depending on the type of kids that showed up but mostly they were going through the motions. I guess because it's been less than 10 years since I graduated high school we're still on the same wavelength and we reached some unspoken understanding. You have to be here and I have to be here so let's make this as painless as possible.

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