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Televsion perfection thy name is Friday Night Lights

It's hard for me to put into words how perfect I feel this show is. It is so strong on multiple levels, from the storytelling, to the acting, to the "set" dressing. Every aspect of this show leaves me speechless. The season 3 finale (or will it be the series finale?) left the people of Dillon, Texas in a wonderful place. There were moments of happiness mixed in with moments of uncertainty for our characters but it felt right. And should  NBC and DirecTV decide to grace us with a fourth season I am eager to see where the town of Dillon and Coach Taylor will be.

However the abysmal promotion NBC is running leaves me disappointed. I realize that of the four major networks NBC is in the cellar ratings wise but the way they are selling the show isn't very inspired. It's very Hallmark and feel good rather than the striking campaign DirectTV launched. If you ask me they should reuse some of that stuff. Now that may not be feasible but even the black and white still photographs of the cast that played during commercials before season 3 even began shooting was effective in its simplicity. Oh well, I just don't see NBC's strategy attracting many eyeballs, especially on a Friday night.

Spoilerly highlights for the season 3 finale:

Everything about the Riggins family love: Billy pushing Tim around the garage in a chair as the clean up, their excitement at winning the auction, the two of them choosing to bid and win a frickin' Longhorn. Do they have any idea how much those things eat and they're not exactly the family dog. Big cows they are not. Those horns are scary and dangerous. Then there's Tim's excitement at the annoucement of Mindy's pregnancy "little footbally coming our way" and the elation he had for his brother. I loved the whole come here I want to hug you and then they fall to the ground. The silly white wedding ensembles complete with cowboy hats were a riot. And lastly Billy's speech to Tim on why he needs to go to college.

Tammi and Julie's conversation in the car about Julie's fear of being left behind.

Matt taking Grandma to the assisted living home and the moment of uncertainty he has outside her room when he leaves. Not to mention his body language throughout the entire scene. His hand is on Grandma's shoulder, her back--extremely protective of the woman who raised him.

The growing feeling of dread with Coach Taylor and the rumor that he was going to be replaced in favor of Wade.

Of course I squeed at the Tyra on the UT campus sequence and of course the Littlefield Fountain was predictably off.

Landry's understandable annoyance at Tyra's self pity and its culmination on the side of the road.

Tyra running through the field with her admissions letter to get Landry's attention.

The sequence in the church in which Tami, with a sympathetic hand grab tells Coach he's out and his "You gotta be kidding me?"

The music at Billy and Mindy's wedding and reception.

Matt leaving the wedding to get Grandma to go with him and then him telling her that she was the only person who never left him and that he wasn't going to leave her.

And lastly I loved the parallel between the Dillon Panthers stadium with its shiny bleachers and well kept field and the abandoned field of the East Dillon Lions. Should the series continue for a fourth season it's a wonderful way bring in a new crop of kids and not retroage the current crop. Matt can then be written out as gracefully as Smash and Jason were and perhaps Tyra as well. Then we'll have Julie and Landry from the original group, the redistricting storyline and what will obviously be a very underfunded school and athletic program. And that also begs the question: will Julie and Tami stay at Dillion High while Coach is at East Dillion?
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