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Highlander marathon on Sci-Fi...neato!

I spent the day with the TV set to the Highlander: The Series marathon. Early season 1 episodes it seemed. The reporter girl was still a sorta regular. Wow! I hadn't seen that show since the final episode aired way back yonder. It was a nice step down memory lane but boy those fashions. Ritchie's jacket had long, suede fringe for goodness sakes. Ah good times.

Highlander: The Source is still airing but I switched it off. I'm recording the rest of it for when I'm bored. I don't know how the Highlander fandom received that movie but from what I did see it can't be good. The characters looked familiar (the actors themselves are still believable as immortals) but I didn't recognize the world they were living in. And sure the movie looked stylish but it didn't strike me as looking very Highlanderish, whatever that means.

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