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Yuletide 2008 recs

Drive by Yuletide recs before the family heads out for the day. Merry Christmas to all and please be safe.

Forever Knight

Conversations in Passing 
Janette and Natalie chat in a post 'Cherry Blossoms' scene.

You can never go wrong with Janette and Natalie. Stories featuring them so prominently are always full of win in my book and this story is no exception. I love that you can definitely sense that the two women are sizing each other up just a tad. I particularly liked how Janette addressed Nick's belief system concerning his quest and how Natalie's aligns with it. It's a recipe for disaster as far as she's concerned. Janette has been there before and she's seen no indication that this won't be another one of Nick's failed attempts at mortality. It's a great read.

In the Memory of Time
Janette, LaCroix, and Nick: past present and future

This is another strong entry for Forever Knight at Yuletide. The conversations between Nick and Janette and LaCroix and Janette are really well written. The conversation between LaCroix and Janette about  "the banker" is a highlight and I loved the portion about the underage girl at the Raven. And LaCroix is "collecting" again. There's another story right there. Oh and by the way, the last pair of lines...big grin on my face.


Like Castles in Air
Glimmer and Adora converse at the Flying Swan Inn.

This story starts off wonderfully with its vivid descriptions of the tavern and its inhabitants. I love the representation of Adora and Glimmer isn't  some little girl playing princess. The author brings such an interesting perspective on the Horde's occupation of Etheria. Eternia dodged a bullet when they drove out the Horde but not once have they offered assistance to the planet that wasn't as lucky. And horray for an exploration of Adora's defection from the Horde. It's such fertile ground and I adore any story that takes it on. And it's got just the right amount of femslash for good measure. The final lines are perfection.

Multifandom Vid

One-Night Fandoms: A Tribute to Yuletide by thingswithwings  & eruthros 

191 fandoms! How's that for awesome. I particularly squeed at the inclusion of Forever Knight of course but Quantum Leap, Homicide: Life on the Streets. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, The Little Mermaid, Desperado, Slings & Arrows, and Rome.

:::Updated with a few more recs:::

Friday Night Lights

Dillon, Texas

This was lovely and the revelation at the end nearly had me in tears.

Murdoch Mysteries

Tree of Life
"Why is there foliage on my desk, Detective Murdoch?"

I've only seen two episodes of this show but it amuses greatly. This is a wonderfully sweet exchange between Julia Ogden and Murdoch. The idea of foliage, the way it's originally presented, sounds extremely random but the reveal at the end had me smiling like Julia.

Moments Remembered

Detective Murdoch and Dr. Odgen's first meeting and the realization of friendship

There are so many delightful character moments in this one. This is a really pleasant and enjoyable read.

New Amsterdam

Still Life

John Amsterdam could be a real jerk especially when he never seemed to learn from his mistakes. That really hit home for me when we met his family during his bohemian painter days. That's why I really appreciated this look into his train of thought during that time. And Omar's last comment in the story is spot on Omar.

York and Amsterdam

A heartbreaking story from the POV of Omar's grandson, in the wake of Omar's death, and reminiscing on his grandfather's best friend John Amsterdam and the role he played in their lives. This one's a real gem.

Saved by the Bell

Bayside Revisited

This is such a pleasant surprise. Jessie and Slater are so much fun together and gag with Slater,  Lisa, Zack and Mr. Belding's unending chatter was fantastic.

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