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Another FK vid almost ready

First draft of my Janette vid is now complete. Yay me! Although I do keep going over my clips and I'm like, "There has got to be more Janette clips. Where are they all hiding?" I'll need to go over my notes and see if I missed anything. I'd love to get this one up before the end of the year but I guess we'll see.

Next up will be a Nick/Nat friendship vid to The Rapture's "Pieces of the People We Love". The track is great fun. It's extremely catchy and delightfully wordy.

And lastly, I've yet to really vid Nick (for shame! Lead character...hello!) and while I've got about 5 songs earmarked as possibles for him it looks like Moby's "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" will win out. I hadn't heard Moby in a long time and the song popped up today during my mp3 player's random setting. The other songs are great but I think this one will be a nice way to vid him. Lyrics are sparse and the music (piano, electronic beats and some fantastic Gospel choir vocal tracks) really lend themselves towards a Nick and his journey vid.
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