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My heart is bursting with love!

The X-Files: I Want to Believe was released on DVD and Blu-Ray today. That was supposed to be the big news of the day but over at xfilesnews they posted this wonderful bundle of love that I can barely contain my excitement. It's glorious! It's charming! I'm in love!

The weeks leading up the release of the movie have brought so many goodies that rivaled the wonderful press tour that David & Gillian did to promote IWTB but this is my favorite IWTB feature and it's not even official.

It's a fanart fanvid but it's not just any fanart. It's the whimsical art of worrynet who has charmed fans for years. She lamented the lack of official music video to "Broken" by UNKLE and Gavin Clark so she decided to put together her own music video complete with performance drawing intercut with her art of IWTB. Run, do not walk and check this out.


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