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Over the Thanksgiving holidays tv_elf  a longtime member of the Forever Knight community and friend to many passed away.

I didn't know Abby but if there is anything that has become clear as I went through my f-list and their f-list, is that she was truly a remarkable person who touched a lot of lives.

I first became familiar with Abby via the birthday Forever Knight fic she wrote brightknightie  last year called "Things Unsaid". There were so many elements in that story that were incredibly satisfying. There are so few sources of FK fic nowadays, 12 years after cancellation, but here was a story that took the events of "Last Knight" and ran with it in a truly unique way. I loved the visual she presented of the long deceased Schanke selling Nick boxes of candy bars so that his daughter Jenny could pay for a school trip. Here also was big, bad vampire LaCroix serving as a father figure to Jenny as she grew up, but at the same time "Uncle Luke" never lost the edge that made LaCroix such a memorable character. Abby weaved all that complexity and more in such few words. Not only was it a gift for brightknightie  but excellent fic is a gift to everyone who reads it.

Forever Knight has such a small presence on livejournal. Many of those on LJ may have known tv_elf  via her quirky penguins Vividcon 06 vid entitled "I Walk the Line" It's cuteness a plenty!

A memory post has been set up at horsechickshorsechicks . Friends have suggested donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in her memory.</lj></lj></lj></lj></lj>
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