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The status of me (fandom and RL)

I've got a Forever Knight fic for the galpalficathon in the works called "Rogue Vampire". The deadline is this Sunday so I'm really going to have to hop into overdrive so that it's somewhat presentable by then. I do like the progress I've made so it should be ready.

My Forever Knight oldschoolfic Cohen story "Twenty Five Minutes" still needs to be tweaked before it makes an appearance at fkfic-l. I have looked at since it was first posted at the ficathon but not as seriously as I should. It works as it is but I do feel like its missing something that's identifiable as FK.  The problem lies in that Cohen could easily be replaced by some random named individual and it really wouldn't make much difference.

I've also committed myself to absolutely finishing my Tracy POV Forever Knight fic. It needs to be up by the end of the year. It's a self-imposed deadline.

I've been laying down some early exchanges for a Forever Knight/The Border crossover that I first thought about earlier in the year. It's really more of a Border story but the presence of Forever Knight's elements should be felt. I'm working mostly through Maggie's thought processes since it is through her POV but I do need to think about the character of Moose and his history as former Toronto PD.

I've got an AU X-Files fic called "An Affair Together" based on a prompt from the xf_pornbattle  in the works. I don't know when it'll see the light of day but right now it's one of the fics that gets worked on regularly.

I just heard a lovely song by A Fine Frenzy called "Almost Lover" that's giving me some Tracy/Vachon vibes. I need to listen to it about twenty thousand more times but I think the first verse, which is just over 1:30, could really lend itself to a post-"Ashes to Ashes" vidlet in which Tracy believes that Vachon skipped town.

I haven't been posting on Smallville but it's been all kinds of awesome. All the characters are really working wonderfully. Yeah Clark's entrance into the Daily Planet is kinda wonky but I love what the new showrunners are doing. You can see the show and the characters transitioning nicely into Superman.  And Lois...what's there to say about Lois that hasn't been said. Amazing barely captures her and what Erica Durance is doing.

Friday Night Lights is so utterly perfect that it's crazy. For me it's almost surpassing the brilliance of the first season which is pretty damn amazing in and of itself. I watch an episode and I feel like no time has gone by. The credits roll and I'm thinking, "What already?" and sure enough 45 minutes have gone by and I didn't even feel them. I'm that enthralled in the storytelling of this show. It's absolute brilliance.

And on the real life side, after almost a year of planning the county's sesquicentennial came and went this weekend. The office was pandimonium the week leading up to it, especially Thursday. We had hiccups here and there, some no shows, and people who were never informed by the committee that they were a part of the events but overall it went really well. Early reports are that there were about 10,000 on hand on Saturday for the Intocable concert! The events and pictoral program I assisted on flew out of their boxes. Unfortunately they were in black and white and not color like I'd hoped but that would have been too expensive. I do feel its a worthy companion to the 1958 centennial program that's popped here and there and hopefully the people planning the bicentennial in 2058 will find it useful. The theme that constantly came up was "Remember this". It's been over 50 years since the communities were relocated because of the dam's construction and as the years go by we're slowly loosing those who experienced it first hand. People who remember fleeing for their lives as the reservoir waters rose with nothing but the clothes on their backs. People who held up protest signs as President Eisenhower's motorcade drove by on its way to the dam dedication. People who went to school in makeshift Army baracks because the old town flooded too soon and the government hadn't begun construction on the new townsite. It's my fear that in 50 years that defining moment in our history won't be as tangible as it is now. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.


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