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My computer decided to have a little fun at my expense this morning and decided to not start up.

Apparently it did not receive the memo that right now is not the best time to be playing tricks because the photographic and historical half of the county's sesquicentennial program is on my home computer and we need to get it to the printers asap. I can't do that if it's sitting at the computer doctors. It makes me wish that I'd insisted that they'd up the memory on my work computer so I could a free image program like GIMP to use at work. 512 of RAM is not sufficient for  my needs. 

So I took the afternoon off work and hauled ass out of town to the nearest Best Buy. Once in the techie's hands the computer decided to display its sense of humor and work perfectly. I was told a complete diagnostic would take about 24 hours so I left it there and I'll be taking off tomorrow morning to pick the darn thing up. ::sigh::

It could be worse though. I'd much rather it be nothing rather than it actually be something.

So, since I've sort of been cut off at the knees I'm using my brand new netbook to post this. I'd been eyeing the netbooks for so long and I was going to wait for the holidays but while at Best Buy this past Saturday I took the plunge and bought. I wanted one with an SSD drive since I am a bit on the clutzy side but at the same time 120 GB harddrive is much more than what my dead laptop had.

It's sooo tiny and very cute. I love my new Asus eee. But as much as I love it apparently my head can still be turned by another pretty face. I was up at probation dropping off paperwork on some info I submitted for them and apparently they bought several Dell mini Inspirons. I'd been eyeing one of those before I made the impulse Asus purchase. It's very, very pretty. Oh my poor eee, I'm already having wandering, unfaithful thoughts.


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