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I made an animated gif!

I can't believe I was actually able to make a gif. ::beams:: I'm very excited. Since I've been playing around with icons, especially Forever Knight, I like the possibilities that animated gifs open up icon wise. This experiment is a rather impractical length and size for an icon but right now who cares.

For my maiden attempt I decided to animate the Nick/Nat scene from the tag of "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter" in which Nick and Natalie discuss the possibilities of Nick becoming human again. Nick does this ultra adorable swing and a hug around Natalie.

NICK: Do you think you can really bring me back over?
NATALIE: Well, all we can do is keep trying.

Aside from being ultra cute I like the contrast it presents to the Nick we saw throughout most of the episode--intense, private, and even a little scary. It excentuates Nick's playful side and that's something I truly appreciate. NIck's a complex guy and underneath all that intensity is a man worth knowing and saving. Plus, seeing Nick's lighter side is always welcomed.


I watched the premiere of Crusoe tonight. It was remotely interesting and it reminds me a lot of the 90s fantasy and genre shows that used to air in syndication. Only Crusoe isn't a fantasy and it isn't a genre show in the way television views the word genre. I'm also surprised that I lasted the two hours because aside from the Presidential debates I really haven't sat in front of a TV for more than an hour lately and even that's been somewhat sporadic. It's also the only new show of the Fall TV season that I've watched. That's not from a lack of interest the crop of news show but fear that I'll get attached and the show will be cancelled ala Journeyman or New Amsterdam.

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