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the rambling fanatic
60th Annual Emmy Awards 
21st-Sep-2008 07:05 pm
Mulder & Scully--partners
Dear the 60th Annual Emmy Awards:

I expect...no I demand X-Files moments.

Thank you.

8:02 We get the XF theme during the Josh Grobin theme song medley. The lights dim and Animal from The Muppets gets abducted as Josh yells, "No! Take me!" Um...ok. Clearly he has never seen the show.

9:39: Bryan Cranston wins Best Drama Series Actor for Breaking Bad. The show was created by former XF producer/writer Vince Gilligan. Bryan Cranston was also in season 6's underrated "Drive."

I forgot to mention that earlier in the night Zeljko Ivanek won for Best Supporting Drama Actor for "Damages." He played the title character in season 1's  XF "Roland".

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