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the rambling fanatic
Happy 15th Birthday X-Files! 
10th-Sep-2008 12:37 pm
Mulder/Scully pilot handshake
On September 10, 1993 the fledgling Fox network premiered a new drama series about a pair of mismatched FBI agents investigating the paranormal. One a skeptic. The other a believer. One of its leads was best known for his role as a cross dressing FBI agent on the cult show Twin Peaks. The other lead only had one professional on camera credit. A former Surfing magazine writer was at the helm. It was thoroughly expected to fail. It didn't and over the course of 9 seasons it became a cultural phenomenon and spawned two theatrical movies. Ladies and gentleman, The X-Files.

It's interesting that yesterday saw the premiere of another series on Fox that tries to tap into the same zeitgeist that X-Files did.

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