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Potential XF vid

Over the weekend I came across The Fandom Free For All that is being organized by oxoniensis  and pheebs1 . The concept behind it is brilliant. You post a wish list of any type of fanwork for yourself and in return you offer to create something off of someone else's list.

I don't know if I'm going to post anything but while perusing the list I came across a request by juniperphoenix  that caught my eye. She's asking for an X-Files fanvid that is focused on the UFO/abduction/Samantha theme and set to the tune of Sarah McLachlan's cover of "The Rainbow Connection". It's an interesting song choice and after hearing that particular rendition of it I'm struck by how perfect it is for the subject matter. It's very much a lullaby and the idea of using it juxtaposed with the imagery of the Samantha abduction arc is extremely tempting.

Over 9 seasons X-Files has had some unforgettable imagery but the thought of vidding it is daunting. The furthest I've ever gotten is setting aside a song that I feel is perfect for the Mulder and Scully dynamic. However that being said, juniperphoenix 's request seems like a great opportunity to give it a shot. Footage wise the Samantha arc is quite manageable. So manageable that I was able to rip and clip the series' Samantha scenes and some additional UFO/aliens stuff in one evening. Through it all I keep coming back to the flashback scene from "The Blessing Way" that showed the aliens in the box car being gassed to death and the flashback scene from "One Son" in which the Syndicate present a folded U.S. flag to an envoy of grays. Those scenes are visually stunning.

I haven't officially spoken up regarding my intentions to vid the request but it's something that I'll have on reserve. The deadline isn't till October 29th and I've got another fannish deadline looming that takes priority. Besides, I've only got a very loose concept for the vid. Until then I continue to play the song in a continuous loop to get the creative juices flowing.

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