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Forever Knight icons

Labor Day means I get to stay home all day and indulge my fangirl self. I upgraded to a paid account which means I get more icons. Yet despite all my complaing on how I wanted more icons now I'm at a loss as to which icons to use. Decisions, decisions. However to celebrate this morning I decided to try my hand at making a few Forever Knight few icons. I tried experimenting on a few with something other than basic cropping and coloring. The result was mixed. Oh well. Feel free to snag any if you like any. I tried to do at least one of each main character.



                       01                                   02                                     03                                   04                                                         

             05                                   06                                 07                                     08

I capped 5 and 8 myself. The bases for the rest come from The Knight Watchman screen capture archive.

2, 6, and 7 are my favorites. Unfortunely they loose their potency in icon size. They're really pretty fullsized. Especially the green I added in 7.

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