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Vividcon 2008 Recs

So for a few weeks I've had this post I was preparing full of vid recs for tons of fandoms. It had links and lots of commentary on why I loved them. It was under the saved draft thing that LJ does. But last week I had a total brain lapse and when I was prompted on whether I wanted to retrieve the draft I pressed cancel instead of yes. Doh! Sometimes I copy/paste the text onto a text document just in case but apparently I didn't in this case.

So this time around to avoid any accidental stupidity on my part I'm simply going to post this list of Vividcon recs and I'll add thoughts later on.

I've compiled this list from the helpful postings at the vividcon community.


Special Death by kiki_miserychic

Doctor Who

Handlebars by flummery
Don't Give Up by millylicious
New Dawn Fades by obsessive24
Shut Up and Drive by laurashapiro

Friday Night Lights

Let the Sun Fall Down by chasarumba
New Slang by obsessive24

Gilmore Girls

Strength in You by heresluck

Gossip Girl

Into the Groove by keewick


Try Not to Breathe by gwyn_r
Be Kind to My Mistakes by wolfling


Sorry  by keewick


Woman's Work by sisabet and sockkpuppett


To Touch the Face of God  by destina
Girl 4 All Seasons by foomatic
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