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Look at wee Gillian Anderson as Scully, pretend to be a teacher

TrueMyth over at the X-Files TWOP forum posted a link to this and I simply had to share here. It's a deleted scene from The X-Files pilot and I swear this looks news. It's got a baby Gillian Anderson (24 years old) as Scully lecturing students at the FBI Academy in Quantico. She is so cute but her students look older than she is. I must check my DVDs.

Another holdover from the IWTB press is this anecdote from British comedian and Shaun of the Dead actor Simon Pegg's blog. Pegg appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman the same day Gillian did.
Got into the Bowery Hotel, showered, went out and bought a shirt, met up with my friend Tony, then went to The Ed Sullivan Theatre. Got to my dressing room to find a message from Gillian Anderson scrawled on my mirror in lipstick: PEGG - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE NOT COMING TO MY FILM. DIE SCUMBAG!!! - DANA. I was supposed to be going to the X-Files premiere when I got home but couldn't go because we had friends from LA getting in that day for Nick's wedding on Friday.

To quote Mulder in "Bad Blood", "Dana!?" How hilarious is she. I guess taken out of context it seems downright rude but this is so Gillian. Simon Pegg stared in the cult British series Spaced back in the late 90s and his character had a well documented crush on Gillian and Scully. He also happens to be a big fan of the show.  Flashforward a couple of years later and Pegg is sharing scenes with Gillian in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, which is due out in October. Someone lets Gillian know about the history between Pegg and her XF alter ego and it's all embarrassing, awkward, and very funny. Gillian's ribbing is extended fun from their time on the movie together.


In other fandom bits, Cutthroat Business one of my Forever Knight stories has been nominated in two categories over at the forsaken_fandom awards. That is way cool. A great big thanks to the person who nominated me.

I almost bought the Gossip Girl DVD yesterday but I held off. I'm still trying to decide on which X-Files iPod to get so I'm keeping my wallet closed as much as possible.

And lastly, CW  has yet to release any promotional material for Smallville. It was rumored by people in the know that images were going to be released this week but they didn't. Come one CW! It's been too long since I've seen new Smallville stuff and the premiere is September 18th .


IWTB Domestic Box Office Total: $20.5 million as of Thursday, August 21st.
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