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OK this is just downright cool. The Fox store is offering limited edition XF ipods in either 8GB nano or 80GB classic styles.

I've never been an ipod person. I adore music and I have an extensive collection crossing multiple genres but I don't like that everyone and their grandmother has an ipod. In addition, the handful of times (3 times) I've handled one I didn't find the ipod all that user friendly and I hate having to be dependent on itunes. I don't care that some people think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. However for the privilege of owning one of these ultra cool ipods I just might break down. The problem is I have a perfectly serviceable 4GB Samsung YP-T9JAB. Granted I struggle with getting my music on it because it insists on uploading all the music on my media player, even the music I don't want. Hey I like a challenge. Besides, it's pretty and sleek and cool looking. Plus it's got a radio and voice recording. And did I mention that it's pretty.

But these ipods are X-Files and I adore X-Files and while I'm by no means independently wealthy I don't have a lot of expenses right now. It's either now or never. I really, really like the Mulder and Scully silhouettes design on the black 8 GB ipod nano (upper left). I instantly fell in love with it. However, the black 80GB ipod classic (lower left) is sooo tempting. Think of all the music it would hold. I like the shadowed X but not as much as the silhouettes. The white ipods are ok but I'm not a fan of the white in general or the image of Mulder and Scully they chose for the white 80GB ipod. There's also the issue of price. There's a substantial price difference between the XF ipods and their business as usual brethren, especially in the 80GB version. For just $30 more I could have a regular 160GB ipod when compared to the 80GB XF ipod. If only I could get the black 8GB design on the black 80GB ipod I'd be very happy.

Oh decisions, decisions.

IWTB Domestic Box Office Watch: $17.4 million as of Monday, August 4


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