December 31st, 2009

I approve!


Hey all!

I finished the first draft of my festivids entry.

::pumps fist in air::

I'm sure my entire household is probably sick of its song, but anyhoo. All this means my self-imposed removal from almost all things fandom (I'm doing Forever Knight recs over at crack_van ) is over.

Posting will commence soon. Oh, and Happy New Year!


football, FNL--Panther jersey

The pirate walked the plank

I know most of my f-list doesn't watch Friday Night Lights. This season has been jaw droppingly awesome (Although, where are the Hispanic characters FNL? Last time I checked Texas was a minority majority state, but that's a different issue.) The season premiere had Coach Taylor encounter this crazy nut job at the gas station rambilng about pirates. The entire time Coach just sits there with this bewildered look of "What?" And who was this crazy? Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, who has this known fascination with pirates.

To call Leach quirk is an understatement. When it comes to the college football schedule in the Big 12, Texas Tech is always this great unknown. Actually, all of Texas Tech is this great big mass of unknown craziness. The campus is stuck in the middle of nowhere (Lubbock), they have this banned tradition of throwing tortillas onto the field that students still do, and they have the equally crazy Bobby Knight coach the Tech basketball team. That school is just nuts.  Well yesterday, Texas Tech fired Mike Leach. Granted he's not the most politcally correct coach out there but wow has Tech shot themselves in the foot.

Geraint Wyn Davies FK voice over promos

Back in November Chiller aired a Forever Knight marathon. Lately that hasn't been very unusual for the channel but this time they dangled the promise of Geraint Wyn Davies hosting a marathon of his favorite episodes. Well hosting wasn't exactly what he did but the final product had a humorous execution.

There was a series of eight 30 second bits in which Ger spouted some trivia about the show. Sadly there was no new footage of Ger but the voice overs were done over these cheeky clips of the show with some lounge music thrown in. I personally really enjoyed them. I love how the colors of the series pop. It's so vibrant! I wish I could get those colors in my vids. My favorite is the last one that talks about the fans. The message was nice and clips used were great. Stonetree in Dark Knight: "A lot of people are going bananas about this vampire."

I promised to get them up, so as my very belated present here they are:

  • Three Official Novels: Ger talks about the three official Forever Knight novelizations. You can even see susanmgarrett's installment. (Yay!). "In the late 90s, three books were published based on our characters. That might sound like bragging. That's because it is. I'm bragging."
  • Nigel Bennett: "There are two ways to become immortal: Become a vampire or if you've got the brains--write a book."
  • Nick was fluent in love: "One of my favorite things about Forever Knight was the chance to travel into different time periods."
  • Ribena: "When I wasn't on screen trying to convince you I craved blood, I was off camera trying not to be sick."
  • The fully clothed version: "The European version was longer. Due to all the nude scenes. Sorry America. Maybe next time" No, Ger! You're perpetuating the myth that there was tons of nudity in the German cuts of the show.
  • Vampire eyes: "Glowing eyes can be found in cats, raccoons and of course actors who play vampires."
  • The art of flying: " The first time we attempted a flying scen, the crew hung me from a crane high above the ground. And as I hung there, suspended in the air, like some nerd a bully had hung on the back of a door. It occurred to me that I may loose some street cred."
  • Thank you fans!: "At different points in our history, we were almost canceled. And right before our blood was drained, our fans saved us with letter writing campaigns."

OK, so apparently Chiller has their own YouTube channel and uploaded the clips. I didn't need to upload my own. The links are to my uploads, except for the vampire eyes and the thank you fans. Check out the ChillerTV channel to get them in the highest quality possible. Also, while watching the marathon, they advertised the Chiller twitter feed. They don't have much up but two tweets are about the FK events they had.


Mom is making menudo for tonight. Yum! It's a safe bet we'll have lots of people here tonight.

I've only had menudo once this holiday season and it was extremely lacking.

Tomorrow, more tamales. I think the amount I've been eating lately will hold me over for a while.
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