July 27th, 2008

I approve!

What I've learned from XF: IWTB-- Mulder and Scully will forever own my soul

Just a small note:
I'd intended for this post to be a quick, let me get my initial impression out before I was influenced by others. It was supposed to go up late Friday night but didn't. I'm now posting it with some additions after I've seen the movie a second time and the weekend tally has come out.

That's it, I couldn't wait till Saturday so I took the afternoon off from work and drove to the nearest theater to see XF:IWTB on Friday.

I arrived 30 minutes before the day's second showing and I was immediately distressed. I was the only one there. On one hand that meant prime seating selection but on the other hand it felt like I was the only  one enthused about the movie. I immediately began texting my former college roommate to shake a metaphorical fist in the air over the injustice of people not giving Mulder and Scully the hearty welcome back they deserve.

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