July 22nd, 2008


Whoa Dolly!

Hurricane a comin'. Well not quite yet but it's almost there. We're under an Inland Tropical Storm Warning so the next couple of days should be interesting. Really all we have to worry about are localized flooding and potential power outages. The threat of tornadoes makes me rather uncomfortable but I guess we'll see. Hopefully it's no worse than the microburst we had in the area a few months back. That caused some headaches locally and county wide.

No one in town is really doing any storm preparation as of yet but I will go over our non-perishables after work and fill in a couple of holes if I see any. We'll be fine up here but hopefully it won't get too nasty for those people down in the Valley. Some of those places, especially the lower income areas, are in extremely flood prone areas.

I am concerned about the paternal figures though. They headed off to Puerto Vallarta on a vacation tour via bus on Friday but they're expected back on Saturday. By then the remnants of the storm should be in Mexico but if it stalls in the mountains conditions might not be pretty. I certainly don't want my parents on a bus on a Mexican highway. I've never been on the Mexican highways but I just don't trust them. I've heard too many stories of poor maintenance and accidents.

I guess for now my plans to take Friday off and go see XF2 might be on hold. If there's a chance of flooding then why risk it. I know for certain that there are areas in the 50 mile stretch of highway that are prone to flooding. Mulder and Scully, I love you but you'll still be there Saturday which should be much better.