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the rambling fanatic
Recs: Femslash [Forever Knight, Smallville, Gossip Girl, She-Ra] 
20th-Jul-2008 05:11 pm
I've been browsing a couple of journals and f-lists and I've noticed quite a proliferation of femslash posts. Apparently Saturday was International Day of Femslash and I missed it. I'm not really a slasher but I have been known to enjoy the occasional femslash offering. So in albeit late honor of the event, here are a few of the femslash fan creations that I've really enjoyed. A handful are explicit but most are very subtle and merely suggest.

Forever Knight

[fic] What Makes a Mortal Interesting by dknightshade  

I could probably count on one hand the number of FK femslash fics I've come across. So it was rather unchartered territory when I came across this particular story and the suggestion of potential Natalie/Janette in the wake of  "A More Permanent Hell." The sensuality and fluidity of Janette's gestures are perfectly captured, as is Natalie's fascination with the world of the vampire. It's a great read which builds wonderfully, for me anyway, from the delicious amount of tension between the two women from earlier in the season in "Faithful Followers".

[fic] untitled crossover, Kate/Fleur by havocthecat  

I'm unfamiliar with Stargate: Atlantis but I am aware that actress Claire Rankin, who played Fleur on FK, played a a recurring character on the series. Given the different natures of the characters' time, at first glance a crossover seemed unlikely but the premise is really inspired. The details in this story are wonderful and anything that further explores Fleur is always much appreciated. This story doesn't disappoint.

Gossip Girl

[fic] Guilt by Association by gespawcho  

This is just hot. Plain and simple. I love the glimpses of S and B in the future.

[fic] In Bloom by jengrrrl   

This is Blair and Serena the girlfriends, not the enemies. Everything between them is so casual and seemingly effortless even as Blair begins to embrace Serena's penchant for spontaneity.

[fic] Shed by jengrrrl   

So much perfection in so few words.


[fic]The First Kiss by pervyficgirl   

This story isn't long but it's potent. I love how through the different encounters Adora has had with the women in the Rebellion, it is simultaneously telling us the story of their quest for freedom. It's both beautiful and bittersweet.

[fic]The Death of Myth-making by jengrrrl  

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly it is about this story that I adore. The Masters of the Universe world has the misfortune of being mostly remembered as an 80s cartoon and therefore given very little regard. This story gives the reader a disciplined, complex view of the Horde, Etheria and all the characters that inhabit it. This story is a prime example of what the fandom, at its finest, can produce.  


[vid] Faster Kill Pussycat by talitha78   

I've mentioned that I'm not much of a slasher but this video really made me sit up and take notice. I love everything about it. The song choice is wonderfully pulsating and sexy and the clip selection and editing compliment each other perfectly. Also available to stream at youtube

[fic] Seule et Amoureuse by mskatej  

One thing about Smallville fandom is that there isn't much Lana fic. Sure there's Clana and Lexana fic or stories in which Lana is Clark's whiny girlfriend or the scorned ex. However stories in which Lana is the main protagonist are sorely lacking.  Then along comes mskatej with this sexy, provocative, and insightful character study through porn. Every encounter tells us more about the person Lana is, not the person people choose to see her as. This is a highly recommended read. It's also one of my all time favorite Smallville fics.
26th-Jul-2008 05:30 pm (UTC) - F/F FK
>"I could probably count on one hand the number of FK femslash fics I've come across."

Me, too, and I've been at it longer than you! ;-) But it isn't my personal genre -- I'm all about the gen -- and it's not canonically smooth to pair up FK's major female characters (Natalie, Janette, Cohen, Tracy), in my opinion. It takes a lot of work to muster a canonically convincing scenario in that area, as I read FK, and not many writers devote the time and thought to it, as far as I've seen. The minor and guest characters would be more amenable to such constructions with the major characters, I think, than them with each other.

Now, these are not recommendations, just a list of FK f/f stories I've read that I recall off the top of my head -- besides Havoc's piece, which you cite above -- but from over a decade ago:

  • A piece briefly (one-day stand) matching Janette with Amanda from Highlander. It happened at the Raven. Circa the original JADFE archive. I don't remember title or author.
  • A distressing piece, also circa the original JADFE archive, in which something was going on between Natalie and Janette, and Lacroix showed up and ... intervened.
  • By Darkangel, if I recall correctly, an outside-my-personal-bounds piece with Janette, Natalie, a motorcycle and leather, and behavior I believe is probably not entirely safe, even when it doesn't involve vampires. But what do I know?
  • By Michael J., a story in which Natalie tells Nick about a relationship she had in college, with flashbacks. I believe "Natalie/OFC" is the classification label that would be used today.

I once tried to write an f/f FK scenario with two of the major characters. It was terrible. Just awful. It's never seen the light of day, and never will. :-)
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