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the rambling fanatic
XF2 TV Trailer! 
1st-Jul-2008 12:36 pm
I approve!
So it's July 1st, which means that in 25 days the movie I've been waiting 6 years for will finally premiere. And now the first tv promo for The X-Files: I Want to Believe has been spotted. Oh joy of joys. I'm too busy grinning like a banshee so I can't properly assess whether or not it would convince a non fan of the show to fork over $8-$10 dollars. All I know is that its got more stuff than the either the teaser or theatrical trailer.

Fox will more than likely remove it before the day is out so get it while it's hot!

Now one last phile pondering...is that Skinner yelling at the end "What have you done!?" Oh I hope, I hope, I hope. Of course it could be Xzibit. That's a big possibility too.
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