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Old Catherine Disher interview (1991)

Since last week I posted some older screengrabs of a young Nigel Bennett I thought I'd do something similar for another FK actor. I haven't done anything for Deborah Duchene but since the caps aren't ready I thought I'd post an old Toronto Star article with Catherine Disher. It's from late 1991.

I love the visual image of CD being all rustic and chopping wood and then fibbing to the local doctors about being a concert pianist. And it has a Street Legal reference. After Grand Larceny, which I have, it's the holy grail for me because she plays an integral role in it. It's interesting to note that her character's lover in that two parter is mentioned as being Gina Wilkinson. Coincidentally she played Seline in "A More Permanent Hell" and was LaCroix's mistress and Divia's mother. The 12 actors in Canada strikes again!

And bungee jumping? Oh my!

Idle Disher just axing for trouble in the woods
By Rita Zekas
November 21, 1991

When you're hot you're hot. When you're not, you go woodsy/mossy.

And if you're Catherine Disher, you try to surprise your cottage country host by splitting wood and end up splitting your thumb.

Disher, who is about to pop up all over TV screens in the next few weeks, was taking time off before starting rehearsals for Waiting For The Parade at Tarragon and was doing the country life, chopping kindling.

"I thought I could get it smaller - it was a brand new axe - and ruined a few towels. I was doing it as a favor to the owner of the cottage, nothing manly. I went to the hospital and told them I was a concert pianist and it would ruin my career."

Nothing wrong with Disher's acting career.

"All the things I've done TV-wise are airing in the same eight-day period on CBC. On Nov. 29 and Dec. 6, I have a two-part Street Legal in which I play a film star trying to hide her bisexuality. I thought I could kiss Gina Wilkinson, we were desperate to work in a kiss, but CBC thought it was too risque.

"Then there's Conspiracy Of Silence on Dec. 1 and 2 in which I play one of the teenagers the main character confesses to. I'm 31 and in Conspiracy I play a 16-year-old. I checked out the girl next to me and she looked 11. I could be this child's mother!"

She is also featured in the miniseries Grand Larceny, which kicks off Dec. 8.

"I play a bimbo, a wacky showgirl, an innocent abroad who is a kept woman. Jennifer (Dale) uses me to get to my boyfriend."

Disher thrives on adventure. She's off to Costa Rica at the end of the month and did a stint in Borneo as a volunteer for an orangutan research station. And she would have tried bungee while filming the miniseries Gold in New Zealand (which First Choice will air) had she not been felled by flu.

"I do the things that scare me most, that's why I went to Borneo."
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