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Drive-by posting on Smallville season 7 premiere

Oh Smallville you're back! I'm missed you so much and you certainly didn't disappoint. Now I can fulfill the main purpose of getting this lj by getting to ramble on and on about you.

I still need to process everything and maybe watch the episode again but quick first impressions because the lunch break is slowly coming to an end.

Well I'm pretty meh of the modifications to the opening sequence. Normally when watching I'd be able to tell right off the bat tell whether or not I liked it but this time they left me rather disoriented. They switched the order around of MR, KK, AM, and ED and added in Aaron Ashmore and Laura V but I seriously doubt that's the source of my confusion. I just can't explain it. Perhaps it's the accomanying images, the shock of seeing Laura V included right off the bat when Erica wasn't in season 4 or Justin in season 6. I guess I figured Kara would only have short arc like the Green Arrow and then leave somewhere but I guess she'll be more like Jensen as Jason in season 4 and hang around for the entire season.  

They edited the awesome very Supermanesque shot of Tom when Clark vaporizes the wall of water. In the Director's Cut from the CW website we got to see the sequence before most of the special effects and it was a close of Tom's face looking very heroic. In the final version that take is blink and you'll miss it one. Sad.

I loved Kara's official entrance into Smallville. She looked wonderfully ethereal.

When she saved Lex and put him on the shoreline I was quite surprised to see her fly off. When between saving Lex and arriving on the beach did Kara know that the sun gave her the ability of flight?

There were quite a few character reactions that felt a little lacking but more on that later. It was quite jarring.

Lois went home to change before going to the mansion. Huh?

Bizarro is great and he should stick around for a repeat appearance. Tom plays yet another great version of Clark.

As usual Lois never fails to amuse me. Her "Next time you grab my ass I'm taking your hand with me as I go" line was classic Lois. Erica's delivery and Tom's reaction were highly enjoyable.

I've read people calling the Lana reveal cheesy but I loved it. I loved the way Kristin looked in the blonde wig. She totally rocked that look.

And lastly I loved the Smallville montage to Kelly Clarkson's "Sober". That song has yet to leave my head all day.
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