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the rambling fanatic
New, Longer XF2 Trailer! Yes! In Russian...oy 
2nd-Jun-2008 07:10 pm
I approve!
OMG fangirl squee but why are Mulder and Scully speaking in Russian. On the other hand it's dark and spooky looking and the snow photographs beautifully. Congratulations Canada on once again making me wish I lived there.

I love the staging of the helicopter's arrival and thankfully Mulder and Scully's exit from it is once again in the trailer.

And I have to say Gillian Anderson's hair looks absolutely stunning long. Oh Scully I missed you. And is her hair braided in one of those scenes? How about that.

There are plenty of Action!Mulder sequences which are always good but where are my KickAss!Scully moments. You better not short change me on that Chris Carter. However as exciting as it was I'm a little unsure as to whether or not this trailer would entice the non-fan.

Credit for finding the trailer goes to faenuala at the TWoP X-Files forum.
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