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Fandom Tidbits

The DVD release date for Life has been set for September 2. This sucker is totally priced to own with a SRP of $29.98 so I'm figuring a store price of around $25. Perhaps the price per episode comes out a bit high but if I enjoy this show as much as I'm anticipating who cares. Hopefully all the music remains intact but with its low SRP I have my doubts.  Hopefully they're unfounded because one of the biggest selling points for me about Life is its killer soundtrack.


The DVD release date for Smallville season 7 has been set for the following week on September 9th. I'm both excited and scared for that release. There are certain episodes that I'm very excited to see but I'm really not looking forward to the Lois/Grant story arc that pretty much went no where and has given Lois naysayers yet another reason to trash her. I understand what it's purpose was for but from what I gather from other fans the execution was quite lacking.


The season 2 DVDs of Torchwood have also been announced for September 16. Nice cover but way out of my price range. It's the same reason why I haven't even thought about purchasing the 1st season, which I've yet to watch. I've enjoyed the show but not enough to pay that much for 13 episodes.


Former Blood Ties writer Denis McGrath has pretty much confirmed that Blood Ties will not be airing a second season on Lifetime and the chances of it showing up on another outlet are pretty much non-existent. That is very sad news but hopefully DVDs will eventually be in this show's future. McGrath is currently a writer and co-producer on The Border.


Earlier in the month I wrote a short "Sneeze" missing scene for medie's "Because We Are Awesome" drabble-a-thon in which Lois talks to one of the Inquisitor's editors. I had yet to post it and a Janette Forever Knight piece I wrote because they still needed to be beta'd. However, svgurl has suggested that we hold a Lois Love Week to counteract  the latest wave of negativity geared at Lois in the wake of  the season 7 finale "Arctic". The original non beta'd version is up at the challenge but I'm thinking that I might sit on the finished version for a while to see if the Lois Love Week will be a go. My two betas from DI were way awesome and one of them suggested a killer closing line that I'm so excited for.

I've been working on my first vid and it's been slow going. With the exception of a couple of episodes I've chosen to clip almost every single Schanke scene in Forever Knight because I didn't want to miss a thing. All of my season 1 clips have been uploaded to Premiere Elements and editted down even more for their specific moments but I'm only about 1/4 through season 2. That's a lot of clips and I'm worried I'm going to have so much content that I'm going to be at a loss of what to do with them. Thankfully I have a decent breakdown of what I want each portion of the vid to focus on like Action!Schanke and the interlude of awesome Nick/Schanke partnery moments. And as daunting as it seems watching non-stop Schanke scenes does make me smile. John Kapelos was a real joy in that role.


I've seen several posting commemorating the 12th anniversary of syndication's airing of  Forever Knight's final episode. "Last Knight'". The ever diligent brightknightie posted her "Because We Are Awesome" Tracy and Natalie drabble "Clearing the Air" on fkfic-l but sadly the event has gone unnoticed on forkni-l. I do realize that "Last Knight" was a real polarizing episode for the fandom to the point that some people refuse to watch either the episode or revisit the series because of the way that it ended. A couple of years back Mel posted the original fkspoilr discussions from 1996. I've never been able to get through all the postings but they are an interesting read. My Janette piece isn't ready to be posted and neither are any of the other four Forever Knight fics I'm working on but I still wanted to do something to mark the event. As much fun as Schanke is I wanted to do something a little simpler vid wise and I thought a vid on "Last Knight" would be a nice opportunity. The Death Cab for Cutie song "I Will Follow You into the Dark" seemed like a perfect fit for the events of the episode and as an opportunity to revisit the episode's three storylines--Nick and Natalie, Nick and LaCroix, and Nick and Tracy.  I was able to finish my first draft of the vid last night so yay for me but I've begun looking at altering two areas in hopes that they'll work better. Unfortunately, as of right now I'm only semi pleased with the effort, which is a bit disappointing, because unless you're a Forever Knight fan, I don't think the vid is really accessible. I guess I have to look back at what I really want to achieve with the video. Is wide appeal really necessary? Perhaps not. I want to mark the anniversary of the episode's airing so in that respect a video that only fans will be able to view without scratching their heads at it's semi non-linear presentation probably isn't all bad. It's not the right way to successfully vid and definitely not something I should duplicate on a future vid bur for now why not. In the end it's also a vidding exercise and through it I have learned more about the features of Premiere Elements which will undoubtedly help me in the future. I just want to do something nice for the fandom. It's such a quiet, simple song and every time I watch "Last Knight" I always get this impression that right off screen as they finished shooting on a set the crew members were tearing them down. There goes the morgue, there goes the precinct, there goes the Raven and lastly there goes Nick's loft.  Who knows, perhaps once I've got other vids under my belt and hopefully have improved I'll be able to revisit this and give it another stab.

So apparently they want to remake the Highlander movies? I do remember seeing the original Highlander movie but I seem to recall my response being ho-hum but then again that was 12-13 years ago. My guess is that I went in expecting too much of Highlander: The Series and left disappointed when I didn't get it. So why not? It could be fun. I did attempt watching the other Highlander movies but they completely lost but this might provide an interesting reason to revisit those movies.

An amusing bit from the above linked article:

No casting details are yet available for the new movie but the spirit of the original surely requires producers to choose actors with wildly inappropriate accents to play the major parts.


Christian Bale is apparently signed for a trilogy of Terminator movies. Color me surprised. As an actor his choices in films are always diverse and interesting so his involvement with the franchise is an excellent indication of the project's direction but THREE movies. Wow.
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