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the rambling fanatic
XF2 Preview on Entertainment Tonight 
13th-May-2008 07:42 pm
I approve!
It's slowly starting to trickle in but it looks like media coverage for XF2 has begun.

The official teaser trailer has been released although it isn't much different from the trailer shown at WonderCon. Sure I stayed up till 2:30 the night before a big presentation but it still got my little X-Phile heart thumping.

Although I was rather saddened that they removed my favorite shot from the end which was a low angle shot of Mulder and Scully, in shadow, exiting a helicopter. It was replaced with what I'm speculating to be a shot of them turning around just as the helicopter is arriving where ever it is that they are.

Now we get our first mainstream media look (but not print, that's already started) of David as Mulder (complete with beard!), Gillian as Scully, and Amanda Peet on Entertainment Tonight. My youtube account still has that new car smell so this me taking it for a spin.

Unfortunately they didn't air the ultra cute intro with the interviewer and David Duchovny that is already available on the ET website but someone has already uploaded it here.
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