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Forever Knight character colorbars

For a few weeks I was working on a couple of Forever Knight colorbars. I'd signed up to pimp Forever Knight over at smallfandomfest and in the process of trying to decide how to best sell the show I kept going back to the show's visual appeal, especially its actors. With that in mind I set forth to pimp the show's pretty. I may be artistically challenged but I figured that colorbars would be nice and fairly straightforward. If it were up to me I probably would have posted pics up the wazoo but by going the colorbars route I could keep it clean and within reason.

The fandom pimp is up here for anyone interested. I'll probably post it here in its entirety eventually (along with some much need revisions) but for now here are the colorbars.

If anyone wants to snag for their journals feel free. A few of the pics I capped myself but almost all of them came from the awesome Knight Watchman website.

For the vampires I wanted to get one image of them when they were mortal, at least one of them from a flashback, and at least one when they are vamped out. I pretty much succeeded with that--with one exception, Vachon. It would have been so cool to get an image of him in his conquistador gear but every cap I tried to make didn't sufficiently show his face.

The final Schanke and Tracy colorbars are interesting. Tracy has a reputation for being perky. Her forkni-l affiliation is after all the 'Perks' but I only have one image of her being really smiley. And as for Schanke, he's a fairly jovial guy and even though I have two images of him smiling, I feel that his bar is pretty somber. I guess that's why I wanted his accompanying quote to have a Schanke-ism that really sold his personality. Horror of horrors I completely blanked where that was concerned so I had to take the problem to the quick minds of forkni-l. They promptly responded with several great possibilities. Just for fun I'll probably post his colorbar with a few of the other great Schanke-isms that were suggested.

In seeing them all together like this I wish that I was able to get all the picture dimensions the same. That would have been really pretty. Oh well. That's something to try for my next attempt, whenever that may be.
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