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GWD on Murdoch Mysteries--"Belly Speaker"--2nd post of 2

It took a little longer than I expected but here is the second half of Geraint Wyn Davies' 2nd appearance on CTV's (Canada) Murdoch Mysteries.

Part one can be found HERE

It's only partly visible here but Dr. Odgen has one lush coroner's office.

After some upsetting news Doyle decides to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle.

When Murdoch goes to fetch him he becomes a beligerant drunk.

During the beginning of this entire sequence I wondered whether or not they'd actually go the route they appeared to be heading--bar fight.

Yep they do. Doyle picks a fight while Doyle watches it all utterly astonished.

I honestly believed Doyle was going to get his ass handed to him.

But nope. Apparently Doyle is quite the fighter.

Even faced with someone younger, bigger, and stronger.

The Three Stooges would be proud of this move.


Totally random. Doyle in his victory pose. It was great, lol.

His victory was short lived. Off to the drunk tank with you.

Yep that weired me out. The dummy makes fun of him throughout and Doyle stupidly responds.

Nice use of an available prop.

It turns out Doyle's wife has consumption and the Chinese doctor he wanted to track down had a history of treating consumption successfully. Too bad he died in police custody.

Yep those are tears in his eyes.

Murdoch (based on his own experiences) suggests that Doyle spend whatever time is left with his wife rather than away from her.

One final farewell

Or so we think.

The case gets a rather odd wrap up.

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