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GWD on Murdoch Mysteries--"Belly Speaker"--1st post of 2

Geraint Wyn Davies recently reprised his role on Murdoch Mysteries as author Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle makes a surprising return to Toronto with the intention of basing a new character on Murdoch and his revolutionary forensic techiques. His return coincides with a case involving a ventriloquist, the ventriloquist's dummy "Harcourt" and the man's murdered father. It's when Doyle begins to inquire about an old case involving a Chinese doctor and the doctor's fate` that Doyle's true and personal reason for returning comes to light..

I have the tendancy of going overboard with my capping and this episode is no exception.  So in the interest of keeping the images in the post to a reasonable amount I'm dividing it into two parts. The second part will be up in a couple of days.

But for now here are the first batch of images from the Murdoch Mysteries episode "Belly Speaker".

This episode  was written by Phil Bedard (who is credited as Philip) & Larry Lalonde in what I believe is their first outing for the series. They are the same writing team that wrote a number of Forever Knight's most memorable episodes, starting with season 2's  "Stranger Than Fiction" and then followed with "Near Death" and "Curiouser & Curiouser". In season 3 there was "My Boyfriend is a Vampire", "Sons of Belial", "Human Factor", and "Ashes to Ashes". There's an interesting article here in the Canadian entertainment industry magazine Playback that shows how the duo go about crafting an episode, including their work on Forever Knight.

Yannick Bisson is quite pretty but they really should lay off the eyeliner.

It's not that Murdoch doesn't want Doyle around, he's a great admirer of his work, he just suspects there's an ulterior motive behind Doyle's reappearance.

"No Spitting"...Hee!

Murdoch's version of Natalie. Thankfully she uttered none of the bad puns she found hilariously funny in "Elementary, My Dear Murdoch" It was mildly cute the first time but got annoying with each successive pun.

Yes Murdoch they completely forgot you were there but that's ok. You're still pretty but just a little uptight. It works for ya though.

    Doyle does this rumble in the back of his throat in indicate a sort of laschivious checking out of the pretty lady doctor as she walks out and Murdoch standing there dumbfounded with his test tube of stomach contents is amusing.

Murdoch told Doyle to not interrupt his interrogation and what does Doyle do? Yep you guessed it, interrupt his interrogation...several times. Hee! It finally got to the point that Murdoch brought him inside but not without muttering about how it broke protocol to do so.

"What's with the walrus?"--the dummy
At first I felt insulted and then it ocurred to me that the comment was due to the moustache.

A running "gag" for lack of a better word throughout the episode is Doyle's insistence that Murdoch call him Arthur. In this scene it almost takes on a sinister quality and we all know Ger can do sinister.

This whole sequence with the Inspector trying to illustrate to Doyle that a fist fight would work in the "Hell hound of the Moors" story he's pitching to Doyle (a returning gag from Doyle's first appearance in "Elementary, My Dear Murdoch") amused me so very much.

In case anyone's wondering, Doyle sort of wins, and I say sort of because they were merely play acting but the Inspector over extends himself.

More pictures coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy a pint and have a laugh just like Doyle and the Inspector.

Part 2 of 2
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