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Icon Meme

This is one of those it's fun to do at periodic intervals, as the flist shifts.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee!

I swiped this from brightknightie,  who invited me to play so here I go.

I approve!"

This is currently my default icon and the first icon I uploaded when I got my livejournal account. It's of actress Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane on Smallville, at a promotional event in France. I didn't become a Smallville viewer until early 2005, which was halfway through its 5th season. However I was immediately charmed by Durance's performance of Lois and the different approach to her character that the show was taking. It's slightly goofy and dorky but very endearing. Every time I see it I can't help but smile. I'm an upbeat person so I really wanted to convey that with an icon, especially an icon that would get a lot of use. I tend to use this icon whenever I post things that make me undeniably happy or when a post covers several fandoms. This icon was created by elizabeth over at the Divine Intervention, a Lois/Clark forum, who posted it along with several other icons in the art section. I don't really foresee myself ever getting rid of this icon.


When I drifted back into the Forever Knight fandom it also rekindled my affection for actress Catherine Disher. Back in the mid 90s I enthusiastically threw myself into hunting down the non-FK work of the Forever Knight actors. It's a practice that I have a history of doing when I become captivated by a show and/or its actors. I sought the work of all the actors with equal fervor but it was Catherine Disher  to whom I was the most interested in. My success at the time was rather limited however this time around my searches were far more successful.  I wanted a Cath icon but I couldn't decide which non-FK project to choose from. The image that won out is of baby Catherine Disher in 1986's The Vindicator, a so bad it's good sci-fi movie in which she plays the kooky, new agey friend of the movie's heroine. She had plenty of laugh out loud moments but I chose a scene that sets up her turn as an action star. Her character inadvertently interrupts what she believes is an amorous moment between her windowed friend and another friend and immediately expresses her embarrassed dismay. I actually debated whether or not to go with an image from this movie or perhaps one from the CBC movie Grand Larceny in which Catherine plays a ditzy and very trusting chorus girl. If I ever upgrade to a paid account I probably will. If a post is mostly Cath related I use this icon or if I'm surprised at the content of my post it also gets used. Since Catherine Disher is Canadian I tend to use either this icon or my "I approve!" to post in the cdntvonthedl community. Durance is also Canadian.

Nick & Nat

I don't really have a lot to say about this one which is ironic considering that most of my posts are Forever Knight related. When I first opened my lj account I did it with the expressed purpose of interacting with Smallville fans. I'd spent quite a bit of time lurking and I wanted to participate. There's some fantastic meta out there in lj-land. However, I haven't had access to Smallville episodes in a while so my original intention never quite took off. Instead my lj became mostly a vehicle for me to write about my Forever Knight obsession. That of course meant that I needed an FK icon. Originally I was going to go with something nice and generic that would be clearly identifiable as Forever Knight., but while capping the first episode "Dark Knight" that immediately went out the window and I decided that it had to be character based. Then the problem was what characters? I adore all the character dynamics on the show so it was a difficult choice but at the end of the day I went with the one that I felt strongest about--Nick and Natalie.

The two part series opener is exceptionally strong and remains one of my favorite episodes and in this scene Nick is telling Natalie about his master LaCroix for the very first time. On a shallow note Nick is also wearing the ultra sexy "poet shirt". I adore that shirt. This scene is also interesting to me because for Nick and Natalie only having known each other for about a year around this time, there's a nice degree of intimacy between the two characters. During the first season especially, Nick had the tendency to really get into Natalie's personal space and this scene was no exception. I guess that's why my favorite genre of FK fic is pre-Dark Knight because I'm so fascinated by people's interpretations of how these two got from the distance displayed in the "Only the Lonely" flashbacks to this type of closeness. Then of course there's the very playful hug at the end of the two parter as well.
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