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Torchwood 2.09 "Something Borrowed"

I've been a casual viewer of Torchwood since the second episode of the second season. For a while there I actually found myself looking forward to it and Doctor Who, another show that I'm growing a fondness to, thanks to BBC America. However the whole Owen dying thing was a bit of a let down, as was the two episode crossover with Martha from Doctor Who. Therefore I kind of stopped watching for a bit but it was the Torchwood wedding episode that seems to have brought things back on track for me. I'm not quite sure if it was because it was more of a comedic episode rather than doom and gloom but I really worked for me.

So a few random bits of observation:

I think this episode cements me as being part of the Gwen bandwagon. That is if there is a bandwagon because I certainly see a lot of Gwen userpics out there on livejournal. I love the moment when she shows Rhys her pregnant stomach but just pointing down and I loved her initial discovery of the bump itself. She and Rhys are so gosh darn cute together. That's not to say that I don't like the idea of Gwen/Jack but Gwen and Rhys are so full of win.

The snipping between the Gwen and Rhys' mothers are great and added to an already hilarious episode. And hey Gwen's father's name is Geraint. That made me go "Hee!" I'm guessing Geraint isn't all that an uncommon name in Wales but that's just my completely uninformed opinion.

Gwen looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and her head but of the shapeshifter was awesome. No wilting flower here.

I think all the characters are great but it annoys when Tosh acts meek and careful around Owen and then she turns around and is the complete polar opposite. Give me less of the wishwashy Tosh and more of the kickass Tosh. I loved her treatment of the groomsman that wouldn't go away and her threat of having him sing falsetto if he doesn't stop worrying about the shapeshifter coming back. Although I could have done without the harness the shapshifter put them in. And Tosh pulling out her gun and being in control is ten different types of awesome.

Jack's line about "Needing a bigger gun" was great.

Rhys and his "Evil Dead" moment as Jack put it was hilarious.

I loved Gwen's question to Jack about what he was going to do while she's on her honeymoon and he answers, "The usual. Pizzza....Ianto."

And lastly having Ianto cut in on Jack and Gwen's dance to take a turn with Jack was another episode highlight.
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