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GWD on Murdoch Mysteries--"Elementary My Dear Murdoch"

About a month ago I posted about Geraint Wyn Davies' guest appearance on Citytv's (Canada) Murdoch Mysteries as Arthur Conan Doyle. I've since been able to get my hands on the episode and I've capped a few scenes involving GWD. It was a highly enjoyable guest appearance and one that I just found out he's reprised. I got a hold of that episode too but I'm afraid (or not) that I've gone a bit overboard with capping so those caps won't be up till next weekend. Now that episode was creepy and hilarious and Ger got to play a wide range of emotions. It was a real treat. But more on that later. For now here are 20 or so caps from the Murdoch Mysteries episode "Elementary My Dear Murdoch".

Tags: actor: geraint wyn davies, murdoch mysteries, picspam

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