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Ahem! X-Files awesomeness ahead

Oodles of X-Files goodness broke this week. Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Mitch Pileggi, Nic Lea, Dean Haglund and scores of writers and directors from the show turned up at the XF panel at the Paley Festival on Wednesday. Heck even both Morgan brothers turned out of the event. Even Darin, who tends to come out of hibernation only once a decade.

They premiered the first official teaser trailer. It looks like it's more for the fans than for the casual, uninitiated viewer but I loved every second of it. Too bad Fox has already had it removed from YouTube. Rumor has it that the trailer, either the teaser or a longer one, will be attached to Iron Man, which premieres May 2nd. I had not interest in seeing it but I am so there. My dad and brother are thrilled that I'll be joining them.

Then there is the teaser poster. Feast your eyes on this baby. It's sleek, cool, iconic, and mysterious. Nice job Fox marketing team. Am I gonna have to break some kneecaps to get me one?

The trailer itself was very dark and moody.  It was very "Millenniumesque". The shots of the FBI search team in the snow both in this new trailer and in the WonderCon one reminds me of the search group shots used in  Millennium.

There had been spec on the various XF boards that perhaps Mulder and Scully were not together but separated for whatever reason. I really didn't believe that the movie would actually have Mulder and Scully apart but after watching the trailer I'm totally getting that vibe as well. That may be an interesting concept to explore in fic but I certainly don't want it in my movie.

However all this is probably just apprehension talking. The shock on Scully's face when Mulder tells her that he needs her on "this" is probably just that--shock. It's been five years and they've probably been living a very quiet life with Scully at a hospital and Mulder doing whatever it is he's doing and then "Bam!" they're suddenly in the thick of things once more. That last shot of them stepping out of the helicopter was one of my favorites because to me the helicopter is this vehicle of complete authority and access which I'm guessing is not the life they've been living in but it's a representation of their old lives. Mulder and Scully are sort of being brought in out of retirement.
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