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Catherine and Nigel images from The Border

There are not enough hours in the day to do what I want in real life let alone in my fannish world.

I'm reading a favorite XF novel lengthed fic "Blinded by White Light" by DashaK that's been recovered from the hard drive of my long dead laptop on one window, I'm clipping a few Schanke moments for my first ever fanvid on Premiere Elements, and I'm bouncing around livejournals on another window. That's when I came across a tutorial by brokenmnemonic    on how to cap using VirtualDubMod, the program I downloaded to convert vob (the files from my dvds) into avi and then make a few clips. So what does that mean? I can cap The Border, Ger's episode of The Murdoch Mysteries, and Ger's appearances on ReGenesis!

Mulder, Scully, and Schanke are suddenly feeling very neglected.

More caps will probably come soon but here's a few of Catherine Disher and Nigel Bennett from the first episode "Pockets of Vulnerability", Catherine Disher and Gary Farmer in the second episode "Grey Zone", and Catherine Disher in the eighth episode "Enemy Contact".

101. Pockets of Vulnerability

102. Grey Zone

108. Enemy Contact

Tags: actor: catherine disher, actor: gary farmer, actor: nigel bennett, picspam, the border

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