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Video Rec: Hunter (Forever Knight)

I continue my search for Forever Knight vids and in the process I've come across astolat and hafital's Janette video "Hunter"  It's a strong video that explores a theme that I've been thinking a lot about lately.

Over the centuries Janette has been a much needed constant for Nick. After every disappointment, every bought with despair, and every argument with LaCroix, she's been there to steady him in the aftermath. Yet the video sets up a Janette who has decided that she is no longer content to simply be Nick's anchor and who wants to be free to pursue other interests without him. He, after all, wants mortality and she doesn't. She asserted her independence in the flashbacks from "Partners of the Month" but she always seems to find her way back to him. Now she's ready to go for good. The following lyrics from Dido's song are particularly interesting:

For this queen you think you own, wants to be a hunter again.
Wants to see the world alone again.
To take a chance on life again, so let me go

I responded to this video so strongly because lately I've been thinking about dipping my toe into vidding. One of the songs I'm considering is Audioslave's "What You Are" which I feel compliments a theme similar to the Hunter video.

I also want to add a small addendum to my comments about giandujakiss's brilliant Forever Knight video "Not An Addict". Yes I'm still hopelessly obsessed with it and while watching it for the millionth time I noticed an extra little something I wanted note. The latter potions of the video showed some parallels with LaCroix and the loss of his "daughters" on the show.

In one of the last episodes of the third and final season,'The Human Factor", it is revealed that Janette has become mortal. In the episode LaCroix dismissed Nick's claims that she would be in the city without his knowledge. He said he would have sensed her presence, reasserting his parental and proprietorship role in Janette's life. By episode's end Janette is once again a vampire but this time brought across by Nick. LaCroix has lost a daughter and his oldest cannonical "child" to Nick.

In in the penultimate episode aired "Ashes to Ashes" LaCroix lost Divia (his biological daughter and vampire mother) first by his own hand and then with Nick's help. LaCroix may not have staked her that final time but he was complict in her death by not answering her pleas for help. Once again it is by Nick's hand that LaCroix has lost another daughter.

LaCroix has had many daughters over the centuries, several of which have met their demise through Nick's hands, but it was always Janette who remained by his side. That leads us back to what the Not An Addict video explores. With the arrival of Nick, Janette was cast off in favor of her more challenging "sibling" yet she remained despite the role of bait or placater that she's sometimes relegated to. She's sort of an afterthought but at the very notion that she may have alluded him (like in The Human Factor) LaCroix responds with as much ownership towards her as he's shown towards Nick.

And in other news I found the missing disc from my first season set of Forever Knight. It was in an empty Violent Femmes CD case. I celebrated by watching "Feeding the Beast" Oh that last scene is adorable. But that brings up the question, where exactly were Nick, Natalie, and Schanke going anyway?
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