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I was playing around with my user pics and apparently all my postings that had my other pics have all been switched to my default. Not that there's anything really wrong with that. I like my default pic. It's why I have it as my default. Erica looks so adorable yet slightly dorky and I love the look of joy she has on her face which is exactly what I want to convey but I like my Nick and Nat one too and that one gets a lot of use.

I knew there was a chance they would switch but I thought I was in the clear. All I was doing was redefining keywords without actually changing pics. Oh well. I'll change back the pics on my journal but it looks like my postings on other journals will be stuck on default.

I've seen the first two episodes of New Amsterdam on Fox and gotta say that I'm enjoying it. His constant references to his partner that hint to his age are a bit on the annoying side but so far that's the only that irks me. His been a history teacher (like Nick in "Spin Doctors") and apparently he was a Civil War doctor (like Nick in "Unreality TV") as well. And then of course there's the homicide cop angle. Oddly enough rather than feeling like they're ripping off Forever Knight I enjoy seeing New Amsterdam explore similar veins.

Someone seriously needs to write a crossover fic. Nick spent time in NYC during the 1960s. He and Amsterdam should totally cross paths.
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